Gladiator History – Ancient Rome

Gladiator Balm™ is a 100 percent natural topical analgesic. We have taken the ancient healing power of the Nettle plant (Urtica Diocia) to create a one of a kind sport and anti-inflammatory balm.

The nettle plant has a long history in medicine. Roman gladiators and Centurions used the Stinging Nettle as a natural anesthetic for their soldiers, they would flog themselves with it to help reduce pain, they even brought it with them as they marched into battle. Its use is widespread throughout Europe, where it is used in medicines, tea and food. The Nettle is a natural histamine that reduces swelling.

The Nettle is one of the richest sources of chlorophyll in the vegetable kingdom. It is widely recognized for its tonic and nutritional value, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it has very high levels of magnesium, Iron and Vitamin C.